Freitag, 31. Januar 2014

i am taking the train in an hour 
and visit my lovely brother daniel in greifwald
 for a few days
because we have holidays now!
for a whole week
and there is so much to do.
but first i will enjoy these moments with him
and worry later.
i also got my school report today.
and well, in all honesty it isn't as bad 
as i thought it'd be
which makes me kind of happy 
and a lot more excited for the next semester 
which is right around the corner.
and though it's not that much school time left for me
i just can't imagine me doing something else
 than going to school everyday. 
it feels like a lifetime which i spent there.
weird. and i don't even know if it was a good time or not.
even weirder.


Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014

it snowed! 
actually it's been snowing straight for quite some time now.
a week, if i remember correctly!
and i am so happy
though it's réallyyy cold 
and i still don't really have a warm coat 
for the winter.
but i was riding my sleigh 
with felix and another friend nonetheless 
and it was so much fun! 
though winter is definitely not my favourite season 
it is always fun for some time, don't you think?
and by now the weather and the cold hasn't started to annoy me.

oh! and timeywhimey,
 how could i forget to tell you?
who has at last started to watch 'doctor who' 
and couldn't stop since then?
you have to guess really hard..
no, but seriously it's now 
one of my favouritefavouritefavourite shows in the world. 
there is nothing i do not love and enjoy,
 i love every doctor the way he is 
(though i prefer ten. i mean, come on?
 have you looked at david tennant? 
isn't he one of the handsomest man you have ever laid your eyes on? 
i know. me too.)
and...ah, i just adore this show. nothing more to say. 
go watch it and become a whovian 
because there you will have no choice once you started.

Montag, 27. Januar 2014

 "you sit there in your heartache
  waiting on some beautiful boy to
  to save you from your old ways
  you play forgiveness
  watch him now, here he comes

  he doesnt look a thing like Jesus
  but he talks like a gentleman
  like you imagined when you were young."

Montag, 20. Januar 2014

what a crazy weekend this was
full of fun and friends!
besides going shopping with felix
(where i've found billions of lovely pieces! 
i'll show you some other time)
i went out, got a little drunk in a bar, went to an indian restaurant, 
visited a fleamarket and missed all my trains!
such amazing past days, i tell you.
i hope you had as much luck as i did!


Samstag, 18. Januar 2014

i am going to berlin today
with my beloved friend felix
and because it's been a while since the last time 
we have spent time together on our own
i am really looking forward to it
and hopefully i'll find some pretty treasures and lovely pieces!
wish me luck, friendliest friends!

Freitag, 17. Januar 2014

three lovely photos!
one of our beloved christmas tree
that is going to pass away tomorrow
which makes me really sad
but so is life!
the last one shows my little sister in all her cuteness!
you just have to adore you, don't you?
and the second one is a picture of one of our amazing sunsets 
that we have the honor to watch almost every day nowadays.
it still hasn't snowed yet
and it is fairly warm for january though
which is a pity, i you'd ask me.
but who would, right? xd

Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2014

i am going to show a few pictures 
of our christmas tree in a few seconds, i promise!
but first this random post 
to bring you up to date with everything :p
i've been living quite a boringly ordinary life 
these past weeks to be honest.
and looked the way i looked in the photos above 
while living it for that matter.
and it was okay.
but i am slowly, just slowly getting tired of it. 
waking up every morning with nothing to look forward to, 
nothing special planned. it is really making me tired. 
not in a sleepy 
but in a bad way. really bad.
so i am willing to change that. 
i really do. i don't know i will and can succeed with this resolution 
but i'll try my best.
just to let you know, i suppose.

Freitag, 3. Januar 2014

delayed merry christmas 
and a happy, happy new year, friendliest friends! 
i hope everyone had wonderful and relaxing weeks 
because i definitely had!
i spent the holidays with my family, 
made some decisions for my rather near future, 
planned some holidays and then went out 
with some lovelyy girls on new years eve,
 called kathi, josi and elisa.
(not the three ones above though, haha xd)
and i drank a little too much 
and had bit too much fun but that's fine with me.
i got a lot of lovely presents 
and we have a have pretty christmas tree 
standing in the middle of our living room 
which always makes me utterly happy 
by just looking at it 
and thinking about the good time we spent together.
i will show you some photos tommorrow or so 
- now i am off to some restaurant with jacque, 
drinking cold wine in the middle of the night 
and hope that it won't leave stains.
 bloodred stains that will never fade again.