Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2013

today isn't a good day.
without a reason.
it just isn't.

Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

tiny, tiny little wishes
are making me so miserable
but what can i do?
tell me, tell me
little friend
can you help me?

it is has been snowing for more than three days.
  everything is completely covered with the white innocence.
  i've done dozen of snow angels and lay there
  looked into the sky
  and always ask myself the same question
  who am i?

Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

my outfit, which i wore at school yesterday.
you cannot see it on the photos, 
but i combined it with tights, overknees, socks and my creepers.
doesn't sound that warm, does it? 
but actually it really is! 
here it snown alot recently, 
which is absolutely gorgous, 
but it really isn't that cold.
but nevertheless, i get alot of comments 
from my friends, teachers, random people on the street 
if i am insane to not wear pants in this kind of weather.
but i don't care, 
because as long as i'm not freezing i should wear 
what i want to wear, amiright?

this evening kathi, a few others and i will take the train 
and eat dinner in our favourite sushi bar in berlin!
i totally look foward to it! 
i absolutely lovvve sushi!

Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

today my mother had an accident
she fell down the stairs 
and we had to call the ambulance
which got her to the next hospital.

i was so anxious and expected the worst
but in the end it's 'only'
discolated shoulder and she came back a few minutes ago!
aaaand i am so glad, you cannot imagine!

Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

mini jul and mini me 
while being the happiest children in the world 

Montag, 14. Januar 2013

due to the unrests, demonstrations and protests in india recently
because of the young women who died because she was a victim of one of indians frequent rapes, but in this case mass rape, i just thought i may tell you abit more about the dark sides of my travel.
because it definitely wasn't only a fairytaile. sure, when i think about my stay in india i firstly think about the positive aspects.
but actually there were quite as much bad things as good ones.

the first thing we noticed when we left the airport in delhi was, that we could only see men. everywhere. and no women in sight.
and actually this was, what we noticed the whole journey over. in the cities it was abit more usual to see one or two women, but not more. and though all the men always just wore a shirt and pants, so quite usual and comfy clothing
we saw no indian women, which didn't wear a 'sari' or a 'burka'

and what was probably the most disturbing and weird thing in india is that all the people, mostly indian men were staring at us. all the time and wherever we go. they stared as we were some stars or as we looked like aliens. as if  they have never seen any white or european people in their life before.
oh, i know, now you might think, silly you, maybe they didn't?
but even in delhi, which is the capital everyone was looking and staring. and there are alot of tourists! and the creepiest thing was, that they took pictures of us. mostly without asking and with their phones. (an other thingggg: not matter how poor you are, probably  every men in india has a mobile phone!) and of course they yelled at us, calling us 'babes' or something like that. this really digusted me. and how they treat women in general.
i mean, you may think you get alot about india in the media these days but you think that it isn't that bad and that just some men are like that.
but in reality it's even worse. the media says that india needs help, that the men have to learn how to treat women right. but it isn't just that easy. there is a huge difference by just saying such things and actually do something.
that's a country with more than a billion inhabitants. and the men raise their sons how they got raised. that women aren't worth living 
or to be treated like a human being.
and you cannot just say, that you want to change 'this'.
at least that's my opinion.

Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

it's weekend again allready
and this week had its ups and downs
but i got alot of wishes for my new relationship and i met alot of lovely people
so it should be allright

jul and i are going to see us in three weeks again
when we both have our winter holidays
but it's such a long time
i can tell you
i miss him alot <3

now i going to watch 'the perks of being a wallflower'
because a friend recommended it to me.
oh and yesterday i spend the whole night watching the series
'10 things i hate about you'
this is normally not a genre of series i would watch 
but i just started it 
and luckily, luckily i did
 i absolutely adore the relationship between kat and patrick
naaah, i got butterflies in my stomach by just watching them yesterday night >.<
but now comes the crappy thing: they have cancelled the show.
so they is only on season and there will never be a second one.
i know, there are alot of series out there so i shouldn't be sad,
but i honestly liked these two charakters.

Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

Samstag, 5. Januar 2013


today murkel visited me. and tommorrow kathi will come 
and we'll do things we don't like.
and then, a day after tommorrow school is going to begin allready.
but i should'nt be sad. these holidays were wonderful 
and i will finally see my friends again.

oh and i pressed some flowers the past days :O 
i've never thought that i would enjoy it so much!
but actually it was really lovely :p 
you should try it someday!

"i am really scared to taste happiness 
and then to see 
it disappear as soon as it appeared."

Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2013

our house around the christmas time.
our christmas tree.
a few of my presents, which i am really really grateful for!

on christmas i am always really happy to be alive!

Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

 a few photos which kathi took on train when we were in berlin a few weeks ago.
 such a lovely day!

oh and for sure i am wishing you a happy, happy new year
 and that'll be a good year for everyone with lots and lots of new adventures :)

i spend the last three days with friends in hanover and actually..
.these days were absolutely amazing!
i met some new and some old friends and i saw my jul again.
 and i guess from now on i am going to call him my boyfriend <3

we know each other since we have been little children
 and yess, idontknow what happend 
but i am truly the happiest girl in the world!