Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

today is the day i will leave my home,
visit a totally new country
and live an adventure for three weeks.

it's very early in the morning, 
i didn't sleep at all and i think
i will go and take a last walk to the nymphslake,
watch the rising sun
and then go home and live my life!

Freitag, 12. Oktober 2012

i guess happiness is not getting what you want, but wanting what you get.

Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

and again my new outfit
haha, on the photos it looks abit odd, 
but in real life it really doesn't! xd

the jack daniels shirt i got from my brothers closet,
the jeans-jacket-thing is from a market 
and i just cut the sleeves of!
skirt is from h&m, 
so are the socks and the wedges!

this morning i took a long walk in the sunrise
and now i am off to visit a good friend!

Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2012

i was on tumblr alot these last days
because of the sleep troubles and boredom
mostly at night when other people are sleeping
and it just made so sad
to see all these young people
who are so unhappy with their lifes,
selfharm themselves and are willing to take their lifes.

it's a pitty that so many people take their lifes 
and die at such a young age, i think.
everyone has these thoughts, these phases, 
when nothing is working and you just cannot stand this anymore.
but there should be people who you understand you, 
who talk to you and who make you feel like you aren't worthless. 
at least then i wouldn't consider to kill myself. 
if there would be just one friend 
for who i am something important and special.

i am bored so i thought 
i just show some random pictures 
and answer some random questions 
about myself
because honestly i've never really
introduced myself here :p

 Where were you born?

i was born in ludwigsfelde, germany. it's a little town near by berlin 
and near my home village.

Were you named after anyone?

actually yes. i think probably nobody knows this story but there is a story about a girl and a boy. their names are paul and paula. so it's the story of paul and paula :p first my mother wanted to give my other brother the name paul so that she has a paul and paula. but luckily in the end she liked the name joe alot more, haha xd my second name charlott comes from my great-granny and my mother just absolutely adored her!
When was the last time you cried?

i don't know. i cry about very silly things which other person actually didn't even notice. and i am always embarrassed when i cry, no matter if it's in public or just by myself.

Do you have any children?

haha, no :D that would be really strange, i guess! 
and i am not planning to get some soon!

If you were another person would you be friends with yourself?

that's a hard question, i think. probably not, because i am not really confident with myself and i do not have the feeling that i am good friend to other. but i am trying to change that and try to be the best 'me' i can be.

Do you own any pets?

ouh, yes! a hamster! his name is jemy.

Do you use sarcasm? 
haha, yes! actually my whole humor just consists of using it xd 
my friends are really annoyed sometimes!

Would you bungee jump?

yes, i definitly would! though i am scared of doing things like this (rollercoster, skydiving..) and i would be anxious as hell but the feeling you will get in your tummy has to be incredible!

What is your favorite cereal?

eeh, i don't know. i am not really a cereal person and if i eat it, i just always eat the one we have at home. doesn't matter which kind. except something with chocolate. 
i don't like that!

What is your eye color?

sadly, sadly it's brown!
Scary movies or happy endings?

definitely happy endings! i just love love stories and feel-good-movies.
after i watch such a movie or just in generell a really good movie i always have the best thoughts about everything and i could do everything! it's just like...that the movie change my view of the world for a while. not long, but it's great, though. 
best if you watched this kind of a movie in a cinema!

Do you have siblings?

haha, yes! alot! three brothers and one litlle sister!
their names are daniel, joe, carl and rosa! 

Computer or TV?

computer! everything you can do with a tv you can just do on the internet.

What is the 1ast thing you notice about a person?

eeh, beautiful my best friend jacque is? i mean she showed me some pictures on her party, which i haven't seen before of her and she was just glowing on these photographs. it was amazing! i mean, i think she has the most adorable face, hair and body! 
i truly believe that.
What is your favorite smell?

hmm, i like the smell of the christmas generell the smells on christmas are great! 
and i love flowers and most kinds of their smells!
Where is the furthest you've been from home?

if you will ask me that in three weeks i would definitely say india but now..i would say france, or sweden. oh no! i was in scotland with my class last year! i think that's the furthest i've been!

Do you have any special talents?

not really. i can crack my fingers and toes many times in a row. and i am really good in pronouncing new languages. at any rate it was so when it came to learning french in school. i was the best in reading out loud :p

Do you have any hobbies?

i like reading, drawing, painting, blogging, watching series, biking, meeting my friends, making silly phots and photographs in generell. i like going to markets, clothing, going shopping everywhere, studying the nature, looking in the sky, wether at night or day and to just try to live my life to the fullest.

do you believe in god?

no, my family is really the opposite of religious. but i think that there is 'something'. not an old, beardy man who is looking down to us and will decide if we go to hell or heaven. more like something that is in everybody of us. like love, sadness, just emotions and the nature. i think these are my religions.



Montag, 8. Oktober 2012

i took tons of photos tonight
because, no matter what i did 
and how long i was lying in my bed 
i could not fall asleep.

and now, after the sunrise
after everyone else got out of the bed
and start their lifes
i am getting tired.

that's really odd, i guess.

ooih, thats what i am wearing today 
(so actually right now, haha xd)
it's pretty simple, but..idont know. i always like to see
what other people are wearing
so i thought maybe other people 
like my outfits as well!
if not, it's okay as well :b

the sweater (or jumper? :O)
 is actually really greenish and i got it on a market!
for only one euro! :)
the lace skirt is from a thrift store where i recently was!
and you cannot see it on the photo 
but i am wearing socks with it! they are from primark 
and have a light brown colour!
haha, i think the quality is still not the best!
 excusez moi :p

Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

today was the day where i slept alot, read my favourite book once more and was lovely to everyone because i thought everyone at least deserves kindness. it was the day where i watched a movie about drugs and alcohol, where my hamster got sick and where i decided to buy him a new cage though. it was the day where i thought about alot of things, which have made me sad so i thought that not thinking about these things would make my life alot better.

 my mama just bought a new camera! 
and lucky me, i can use it too! <3
actually i have one by myself 
but it is..abit destroyed i would say. 
but from now on will take care of every camera i use
 and you will get a lot more high quality photos! 
not like the two ones above, haha xd

Samstag, 6. Oktober 2012

 aah, my mama just told me that 
we could go search mushrooms in the wood today 
if i want to! 
and after that we can go to the market in my village! 
aww, i just want to hug her! that's so lovely - 
today will be a good day, i guess! 

and then, noon today i will visit kathi 
and we will collect ideas 
how to make her room look better!
and at night i will go to jacque's birthday "party"! 
actually it isn't really a party - 
she, a friend and me will just go to her favourite restaurant, 
then drink some cocktails in a bar and watch a movie! 
but it'll be great for sure :)

Freitag, 5. Oktober 2012

haha, seeing myself wearing pants is abit odd xd
but because shorts and skirts aren't allowed in india
 i was shopping during the past weeks 
and i found quite lovelable things, i guess! 
and this pair of jeans is really 
and absolutely lovely!
you cannot see it right on the photo 
but there are flowers all over the pants
 and they are kinda washed out 
so that it looks abit "used"
. idont know if you get what i mean,
 but huhheei, 
i have pants and i actually wear them ;)


in case you are willing to see the result 
of my dying experience yesterday, haha xd
i think it's okay, not as good as the last time i did it 
but it's looks okay :)

aah, i am just in love with whatsapp!
my funky phone and i will marry soon, i quess! xd

Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

oh! i totally forgot that today my oma and opa will come!
and i spend my morning with dying my hair a
nd cleaning up everything
 instead of visiting jacque. but it's ok!

now i dress up and take a walk before they come! <3

"it's not the end -
so don't let's pretend"

Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

oh and idont know if you noticed it! 
but i completely changed my blog design. it's not finished yet
and actually i am not really happy with it at the moment
but it's a good beginning, 
i hope!

aah, and today is a holiday in my country! 
i mean it's a day where nobody has to go to work or to school
 because of a special event which happend in the past!
it's great though
  we students have allready holidays i think!


just some pictures i found 
while i was seeing through them a few days ago
from now on i decided to post everyday again 
because of the fact that i will leave you soon!
it's been only two weeks until i will go to india!
you cannot imagine how nervous 
and anxious i am! 
but besides that i am really happy as well!
i will really miss my friends but it's a new adventures 
and i guess i will never have the chance again 
to visit a country like india!

we have autumn holidays here 
and actually i spend them with doing nothing :p
yesterday i met with felix and it was just lovely. 
it's been awhile since i have laughed that much in such less time! 
and tommorrow i will meet jacque and then, a few days later 
it's allready her birthday! <3
i am happy for her and i am planning alot on her present 
because it's a big birthday this time! 
it's her 16th! 
oooh, i am getting old, haha xd
 not long and  i have to celebrate my 16th aswell.

but somehow i have the feeling 
that deep inside i am much older than this.
i cannot explain it. 
it just seems to be that there are people in this world 
who have old soules and people who have young soules 
and it doesn't matter which age they are.
they wil stay like this forever. 
i like this thought. but it makes me abit sad as well.

haha, but enough of this rough thoughts 
which are making our lifes so much harder!
now i am going to clean up my room! <3