Sonntag, 31. März 2013

even though we aren't religious
we are celebrating it in our own way   
just like christmas
but without presents!
my mother only hides some eggs 
and easter chocolate for us three
and then she calls us 
and we have to search!
it's always alot of fun
because my mother is so bad in hiding
that we have to pretend
that she has done a good job
so she is happy!
and whenever she is happy
we are blessed aswell.     


oh and incidentally
i am saving some money at the moment
because i really want to get an old typewriter!
my father has one by himself
and i just love typing on it,
feeling the letters under my fingers
and letting the story do whatever it wants to do.    



a really short and totally random video of myself
do you know these moments when you are actually trying to make a photo
but instead the camera is filming?
haha, there's nothing more annoying than that :p

Samstag, 30. März 2013

recently i've started to write again.
just some little stories, thoughts in my head and tiny little poems
but i love to express my feelings and what i think in words
poetry, music and art are such important aspects of my life
and i'd love to be able to create such pieces by myself.
but sadly i don't seem to have that much talent
but hohumn.



Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

my father visited us today for a few hours
and my oldest brother daniel arrived
and we'll show him the new appartment tommorrow
and measure out the rooms
so that we know if everything's going to fit in
i'll see if i can take some photos for you!

Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

some other shots from the past day
honestly i really love this shirt! 
it's a  sleeveless crop top and the ends are loose 
so you can knot them 
and it's denim and has these really lovely flowers
all over itttt!
oh and it has a collar and the buttons have this adorable  rusty shade
waah, ilikeit!
uh, it's from primark - did i mention that?


today i've totally forgot that i had an appointment
with some of my friends to eat breakfast at my home
so i was quite surprised
when they stood in front of my door early this day
but anyways it was so lóvely to see them again 
and we spend a great morning together!

after that my mother and i visited a few appartments
because as i told you we want to move out
and  actually one of the appartments was amazing!
really breathtakingly beautiful.
the only problem with it is 
that it's quite abit away from my school and my mother's work
and the courtyard isn't really what you call handsome
but we'll see!

Dienstag, 26. März 2013

time doesn't exist.
clocks exist.

it's spring break, my lovely creepers! 
two longgg weeks full of freeedom!
even though i have to study most of the time
because straight after the holidays we have exams
(i mean, we all know 
that lazyme is not gonna do that anyways)
i've nothing else to do!
allrighty, i'll meet some friends 
which i haven't seen in a while
but that's it! oh and my father...
and my daniel will come.
great, now when i think about it
i actually have big plans.
oh gees.

Montag, 25. März 2013

"les fleurs des eaux referment leurs corolles,
des peupliers défilent aux lointains
droits et serrés, leurs spectres incertains,
vers les buissons errent les lucioles."

Sonntag, 24. März 2013

woohw, at the moment i am so in the mood to post all the time!
excusez moi if i am bothering you with my constant presence
but don't worry tommorrow is school again 
so then i'll not have much time anymore to post every nonsense i can think of.

but now i want to answer some questions about me..
how do you call it?
a 'tag'?
but anyways, i am gonna go ahead and start!


I) do you have a middle name?

yes, luckily i do! as you can probably tell by my name here it is charlott!
and i am really glad i have one because i like the fact that i can choose between these two.
i'll definitely give my children in the future some aswell!

II) what is/was your favourite subject in school?

hmm, tough one. i don't really habe a favourite subject, but that's only because i am not really happy with our teachers and the way the expect us to treat them with a sort of respect which i figured out is really inappropriate if i see how the behave with us.
but besides that i am really interested in poetry, languages in general, especially english and french 
and i really like history  as well.  

III) what's your favourite drink?

 that'll be my green tea with milk or gin tonic!

IV) favourite songs at the moment?

hmm, i'll just name you three otherwise that'll be too much.

coldplay - viva la vida
 the buggels - video killed the radio star
justin robinett & micheal henry - hallelujah 

V) what would you name your children?

oh wohw, that's really a hard question 
because what you like and dislike 
change and will change so much over the years.
but at the moment i like addie, annie, pluk, augustus, will(son), matthew, orla, darcy, arlo, jane, maisie, mei..
jup, i can't think of any other at the moment.  

VI)  do you participate in any sports?

ouh, i have to say no. 
i was in a soccer team for a year
but i did't like the pressure to win and everything
so i left.
the only sport i am doing on a regurlar base
is p.e. at school!

VII) favourite books?

i really, really can't pick one.
there are so many incredible books out there, how can someone just say 'this is my favourite!'
seems quite impossible for me.
but i like all the john green books, the fault in our stars was lovelylovely 
and i also like wuthering heights, the help, wintergirls, matilda, skullduggery pleasant, pride and prejudice,one day and so on and on and on!

VIII) favourite colour?

and againn i can't pick a favourite!
 there are so much lovely colours! 
but i am definitely more of an earthy kind of person..
i like beige, brown, nude, orange, bordeaux, khakigreen, mossgreen, red..

IX) favourite animals?

sparrows. i know that's so weird, but my favourite animals are sparrows.
birds in general. i'd love to fly everywhere i could.
beside birds i also like rabbits, fishs and whales!

X) favourite perfume?

odd question, but whatever.
i don't like perfume. not on me not on someone else! i think we should smell how we smell!
just natural..ok, no, not so natural. 
but everyone has their own scent and we shouldn't try to cover that!
at least thats my opinion :p

XI) favourite holiday?

definitely christmas and nikolaus! (i've no clue how you call it in english :X)
i just love the smell, the wintermarkets, the christmas trees,
the time you spend with you family, the lovely lights, the snow and snowflakes,
the warm and cozy feeling you get when you are sitting in your warm house with a tea in your hand and play silly boardgames with your family!
i adore this season so, so much!

XII)  have you graduated high school?  

not  yet!
but i will probably and hopefully in 2015!

XIII) have you been out of the country?   

yess, actually for my age quite alot!
i've visited france, austria, poland, italy,
scotland, england, india, sweden, the netherlands, denmark, finland..i guess that's it!
but what i've still missed out is ireland! 
i would love to make an au pair year there and then, later when i am older move to ireland!
that'd be my dream.    

XIV) do you speak any other languages?

besides my mothertongue, which is german, i suppose 
i'd be able to have a conversation in french and of course in english.
ouh, and i am also learning latin in school
but it's a dead language
so no one speaks it anymore.
idontknow if that counts.

XV) do you have any siblings?

yes, i do!
three brothers and one little sister!
their names are carl, joe, daniel and rosa and besides joe 
we all have a really good relationshipt to each other!      

XVI) what's your favourite store?

hmm, i guess, the question relates to fashion stores?
then it'd be h&m, primark, topshop, urban outfitters but what i like the most are every kind of thrift store, thrift shop, flea market or  antiquariat.
i love to own things which no one else has!

XVII) favourite restaurant?

wah, i am not really a person who is eating out that much
but i really like the 'sushi club' in berlin
that's actually where
i've also celebrated my 16th birthday!
and i lovelove sushi!

XVIII) do you like school?

hmm, i guess i've answered this question somewhere allready.
but no, not really.
i enjoy learning new things, i really do!
but i don't like the pressure with the grades and that we 'have' to go there, so that it's not our own decision whether we want to study things or not.
that's something i absolutely dislike.

XIX) favourite youtubers?

hmmh, i am not really that active anymore when it comes to watching youtubers and their videos regurlary
but what i watch erveryday, really everyevery day
are the vlogs from jofee, anna and their little child emelia!
they're called 'leflooftv' on youtube and i discovered them a year ago or so
and i've just fallen in love with the way the behave with each other, how the treat and raise the little emelia, and of course their kind of humour!
 eventhough i am not quite sure if it's really such a good thing to put your whole life in public.
but i guess that's the same with a blog. you can decide by yourself what you want to publish and what not.

XX) favourite movies?

and againnn! i have no 'real' favourite!
honestly i really start to hate these kind of questions..  
but films i enjoyed watching & could watch again and again were the help, now is good, becoming jane, pide and prejudice, emma, mansfield park, midnight in paris, intouchables, moulin rouge, wuthering hights, anna karenina, take this wlatz, blue valentin, the last day, one day, love & other drugs, brave, the green mile, moonrise kingdom, easy a, bridget jones, an american crime, schindler's list, hannah arendt, atonment, spirited away, howl's moving castle, big fish, the notebook, into the wild, slumdog millionaire, roller derby, juno, perfume, (500) days of summer, ps. i love you, the art of getting by, adventureland, welcome by the riley's, wild child, penelope, it's kind of a funny story, crazy stupid love, love actually, notting hill, sweet home alabama, one flew over the cuckoo's nest, adam, forrest gump, amelié,wall-e, my week with marylin, up, the lives of others, the holiday, the time travellers wife, geisha, made of honor, the lake house, changeling, my sister's keeper, before sunrise, 
before sunset and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
so. these are not all but all i can remember at the moment!

XXI) favourite tv show?

at the moment i am watching girls,  
the mentalist, new girl, the carrie diaries, 
pretty little liars and 90210 and i love them!

but i also liked house m.d., gossip girl, sex and the city, scrubs, 
10 things, i hate about you, skins and of course 
how i met your mother, the big bang theory etc.

XXII) what phone you you have?

ehm, i have a blackberry curve and besides that i also have my ipod!
i really like them both.

XXIII) how tall are you?

i am 174 cm, which is 5'8 i guess! 
but i am not sure.


sohh, that's it! finally, finally!
i know, that is probably the longest post i've ever made.
i hope you've enjoyed getting to know me abit better.
if not that's allright as well.

lots of hugs!