Montag, 24. Juni 2013


so know you really get to know me.
that's me.
with all my unforgivable weirdness 
and childish happiness.
no wonder i have no boyfriend, right?

Samstag, 22. Juni 2013

'She often wouldn't feel well and her friends said go to bed
they would never understand this was a sickness of the head
so she would sit and think for hours and her sadness she'd defer
She loved the world but it was so cruel to her

Can't turn back
Head intact

She knows what she can't have 

she'll only want it more
The journey makes her sad 

she'll only start a war
She won't understand she's just a girl
Expecting too much from the world'

recently one of my biggest hobbies is probably 
going for long, long walks through the nature,
with music in my ears,
imagining myself singing loud to these songs
and trying not to be too sad about life
and all its failures and its cruelty.

Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013

'She had blue skin, And so did he. 
 He kept it hid And so did she. 
They searched for blue Their whole life through.
 Then passed right by - And never knew.'


it's late again and we just had
a huuge thunderstorm.
such kind of a summer-really-really-hot thunderstorm.
i am not sure if i am their biggest fan.

haha, yes, hello :p
it's me, for real. i am still alive!
it's been a long time since i have posted the last time, i know.
but there was just so much going on in my life!

i had my indian exchange partner here for the past three weeks, 
we visited hamburg this week for three days 
and yesterday school finally ended and we have holidays now 
for six long, long wéeks!

sadly i will probably not travel anywhere this summer 
because it would be just too stressful with packing all our stuff,
 moving, preparing the new apartment and everything.

but actually, before we knew that we would move this summer 
it was planned that kathi and i will travel to the netherlands for a week 
and visit a lot of different places and cities, 
for example amsterdam and bréda! we were so exicted :( 
but oouh, i can understand my mother and her decision 
and so we will just do this another time!

hamburg was amazzzing! 
not everything was so great, for example the place we stayed for a night was horrible 
but we didn't really sleep and just played games all night long, 
so that was okay aswell. and alltogether i've experienced so, so much! 
we went to the hamburg dungeon and it was incredibly cool :x 
honestly, before i didn't even know what to expect but now, 
afterwards i can just say that if you ever get the chance to go to hamburg 
 and actually spend a day or two - don't miss out the opportunity to visit this sight! 
eventhough you might not know what it is about. 
it was really, really great. 
afterwards we had some time to go shopping which we did. 
but there i can tell you that it is much more fun to shop in berlin.
 hamburg is a great and beautiful city, though.
 we've also made a boat trip on the river 
(from which i totally forgot the name, i' m sorryy :p) 
and the weather was just perfect!
 not too hot how it is at the moment and which made me think i will melt in the near future 
but just really nice! and then, the final thing we did was, 
we went to the musical 'tarzan'.

honestly at first we were abit dissapointed that we'll only watch 'tarzan' 
and not 'the lion king' but i can tell you that i am glad we did! 
because it probably the best time in my life so far!
 i had my three best friends sitting next to me, 
our seats we're quite good, in a few days the holidays would start 
and i had the chance to experience this amazing show! 
and i can't even describe you what i really felt in this very moment. 
as if i would have bursted because i was so full of happiness 
and my heart felt like it would split into pieces 
if another good thing would happen.

the music, the actors/singer, the smell, 
all of the people who clapped their hands just in the right moment 
and i was a part of all of this.
 it was breathtakingly beautiful.