Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

the odds are never
in our favour.

only a few days left until it's the first of decemberrr
and i am so looking forward to it 
it's unbelievable!
not only does it mean that 
finally it's officially christmas time again but no 
it also means that my exams are nearly over!
and cannot tell what a happy person i am then.

though i have to admit that
 i am not spending my time purely with studying
last weekend for example was a long one for our school
we had monday and tuesday free
and i used these days just to see my friends again, 
laugh and not think about the upcoming time.
we went to the first christmas market this year 
and did some iceskating as well
and though it didn't really felt christmassy at all 
it was lovely.

oh! we also went to see 'catching fire' 
which you may know is the second part 
of the hunger games triology
and it was amazing!
more than that even...
i mean i've read the books but it was still so thrilling 
and full of suspense - we all loved it! 
so if you can definitely see the movie in the cinema!


Donnerstag, 21. November 2013

today was the day i woke up early and felt anxious because of my forthcoming exam and i could not get back to sleep no matter how hard i tried. and eventually i got up and started my day with a hot cup of tea and my favourite dress. it was the day i felt too foolish to be a part of this school, to fatuous for my future and the way lying ahead of me. it was the day i was scared if i would ever be good enough to achieve my goals and be the person i'd like to be. but it was also the day i was really happy, the day i laughed alot with my friends and the day i visited the grave of my old classmate that commited suicide over a year ago. today was the day i felt really satisfied with all my emotions by just feeling them at all and the day i was glad not to be in his place for a long time.

Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

i am not sure if i told you
but i have the burning desire to get a pet again
since my dear hamster jemy passed away this spring
and i really miss having a little friend of my own
and because of all the stress and studying
 it can get alittle lonely and tiresome at times
so a pet would really help me to cope with everything better 
i figured!

but i am just not sure
which kind of animal and when i should get it
apparently i don't have much time at the moment for anything
besides school, my friends and the usual daily routine.
which really bothers me but i can't do anything about it right now.
but because of that getting a pet right now
would be pretty selfish and innappropriate for the animal
since they do need alot of care and time on a daily base.

aah, i don't know.
it's just such a tricky situation.
but i figured first of all that i will wait until my exams are over
and then visit some shelters in the christmas holidays
and just take a look
because i want to give an animal a second chance
and get my little companion from there.
and maybe, just maybe i'll be lucky!

Donnerstag, 7. November 2013

some random shots.
this week is a rough one. 
and yes, i know i am telling you this alot but it's just the truth!

i know people always that the school time is the best time of my life 
but how am i supposed to believe that?
and if this is really true then the life as an adult must be hell 
and weird and even more akward 
than it is right now already.

and my life is going to get even harder the next weeks
becausé it is exam timeee! 


Montag, 4. November 2013

i've just finished 'the girl with the pearl earring'
both the book and the movie
and i really enjoyed bothhh!

it tells the story behind the really famous painting 
by johannes vermeer, who was a great dutch painter in the 17th century.
i just loved how the book was written 
with such suspense and unfulfilled desires.

the movie was great aswell 
even though i am not scarlett johannsen's biggest fan
she played the role of 'griet' pretty respectable.


Sonntag, 3. November 2013

as you probably noticed i was really busy 
with school and everything
but we had a long weekend just now
so i thought it would be a good idea to post again 
after such a long time :p

thursday was halloween! 
quess who went trick or treating 
with all my lovely friends?
actually it was planned to be just five of my girls 
with some drinks and costumes 
but in the end it went...kind of different haha xd
we were 17 people at last,
all squeezed together in my small apartment!
but it was so lovely!
 we had good music, alot of fun 
and everyone had the best costumes beside one of the boys..
shame on himmm, haha xd

we got away with a huuuuge amount of sweets 
and i have no clue who is suppossed to eat all of it...
i was dressed as a mixture of a witch and a skull somewhat
 and it looked pretty cool 
but i sadly forgot to make some photos.


and i used the rest of the free days to 
meet up with my brothers and some friends, 
go to a birthday party, visit some fleamarktets 
and yesterday we had a schoolpartythingy in the next village 
to which i and jacque went 
and we came back late, late at night utterly happy!