Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012


bye bye lovely blogreaders! i will write in two weeks again 
and i hope that everything turned out to be right for you and for me! 

oh and this photo of my friend kim and me were taken when we met last week! 
i know i look silly, but it's the only one i have :D

lots of hugggggs! <3

so today i will leave my home and i'm so happy to see my brother again!
oh and i wanted to apologize for the reallyyyy long post the last time 
but i just had so much to tell :p 
hope you don't mind!

oh and yesterday kathi and me got our third earhole! they are super cute <3
and actually kathi and i spent the whole last days together 
but it seems to be that her parents really don't like me
so and since today she is not allowed to meet 
or be in contact with me anymore.
i mean that's the decision of her parents 
but it's just....really really dumb! 
and the reason why we aren't able to be friends anymore is 
because she was too late at home.
i think that this is not an acceptable reason for such an decision!
 i will talk to her parents as soon as i'm back!
i don't know what they think but i will not simply accept 
that they forbid one of my best friends to know and meet me!

Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

i made tonnns of silly pictures 
and i thought i could just show some of them 
so that you can see my hair  in a good light finally!
i am really happy now! 
the sun and shampoo let the colour fade away abit
 so that isn't that dark anymore!
aaaand all my darker roots are gone!
but next time i will try henna i think! 
and then maybe the orange is abit more...yesss, orange haha xd
we will see!

today i'll spent my day with kathi again! 
she came back yesterday and we have alot to talk about! 
yesterday, a good friend (his name is alex) visited me and we've done nothing really productive, 
just walk around, watching House M.D. and play boardgames
 but it was amazing to see him again and to have such a good time! 
oh, and an old friend of mine, kim and i met alot these last days! 
she is only living a few meters from me 
but we've lost the contact over the years. 
and nowww we want to change this! 
to be with her makes me just réally silly 
and i giggle and laugh all the time! 
nobody should see me like that :D

oh and i have another thing to tell you and to make the post even longer :p
i will go on vacation at wednesday!
first i will spent three lovely days with my older brother in greifswald 
because he lives and study there
 and yesss, he just want to show me his city 
and we want to spent abit time together haha :D
and saturday my mama will pick me up 
and we will go to the most lovely isle
 which is called hiddensee for ten days!
i am soo excited 
and i cannot wait at all!


recently i do not feel that good for no reason.
i am just sad about nothing.
and i am kinda dissapointed by everyone and everything
idontknow why.
though i was really busy within the last two days.
and that feeling of sadness makes me even more disapointed.

Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

"i like being alone.
but i do not like feeling alone."

Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012

i've watched the movie "emma" tonight and it was great!
 i fell in love with the jane austen books and movies, 
i really love the atmosphere, clothes and stuff.
my favorite move by far is "becoming jane". 
really sweet and sad!

in october i will go to india for three weeks 
so tommorrow i have to go to the doctor 
because of the injects and so on
i am pretty nervous actually, hahah xd

Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012

oh and i did it!
i dyed my hair again, but actually it doesn't look that different :p
i will make some better pictures tommorrow in the sunlight
 then you can see a difference...maybe xd

sleep well, lovelyyy blogreaders!

a few pictures! 
on the first one you can see the absolute lovely little mirror, 
which i found on the big market! 
i just love it! <3 and in primark i bought alot too! 
you can see some of the things on the pictures! 
i found so much and i just couldn't stop spending my money there, haha :p
the pyjama pants are just unbelievable comfy!

oh, and i can tell you a really, really funny thing! 
jacque, a friend of her and me went shopping again on saturday! 
and after we payed our stuff in h&m 
the store detective spoke to us and we had to go with him
 and show us our bags!
 he really thought that we've stolen something!
 we couldn't stop laughing :D

Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

it's like a world-sunset out there.
 really, really dark, cloudy, stormy and there are alot of thunders!
what a lovely weather, haha xd

ooouh, jacque and i will went to primark tommorrow! 
it just opened wednesday and i'm reallyyy excited, 
although i think it will be like hell 
because of the masses of people! wish me luck :p
and saturday we want to got to a market again, 
but this time it will be a really big one!
 i am pretty excited as well! 

lots of huggs, everybody! <3

Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

i've found this lovely box and two candle holder 
at a market in my village this saturday and i'm really glad! 
oh and i just finished 
the sixth season of House M.D. - i just cannot stop watching it, haha :D 
now i will continue watching and play pokémon at the same time.

oh recently i thought about dying my hair again, 
but i'm not sure yet.
 but i'll let you know, if i will!

Montag, 9. Juli 2012

i just noticed that we didn't take that much photos, 
but here they are :)
kathi is such a beautiful girl, 
you cannot really see that on this photo, sorry!

today another kathi will stay for an sleepover 
and we will went to berlin! and tuesday jacque will come! 
this time really xd

lots of hugggs!

Samstag, 7. Juli 2012

haha xd 
in the end everything in these two days went different 
as i told you before, 
but though it was really cool!
 i just passed the days with two lovelylovely persons!
 their names are kathi
 (you know her allreadyyy! the hairdresser girl!) and ehlin. 
ehlin will go to america for an exchange soon
 so we spend all the time we have together. 
we ate alot of ice cream together, went swimming, watched movies,
 gave us silly make ups and enjoyed the time! 

and we've tried to make a picnic in the morning 
and catch the sunrise again, 
but it was just too cloudy, so we couldn't see the sun at all!
 but we did the picnic anyway 
and the people in the cars just starred really creepy, haha :D 
we didn't sleep at all and walked through the moor
 and went to the nymphs lake! 
i really cannot explain how wonderful it was.

and my oma and opa visited me 
and gave me something for the grades last year at school. 
that was just such a nice gesture and i am reallythankful,
 because i didn't expect anything at all <3

i will post some pictures of our silly days soon! :)

Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012

this is really my favourite song of all time! it's just the most lovely, emotional and saddest song i've ever had the honour to listen to 
and i'm so gladddd i've found it. 
it's from this really pretty movie if you didn't know and you should definitely take a look! it's a great one and i'm never tired of watching it or listen to the whole soundtrack!
and i wish i could listen to this one song again for the first time, because the scene in the film was just...woaah!and i absolutely fell in love with the lyrics. my favourite part is this

"I'm the hero of the story, don't need to be saved"

because after that she just whispers the last words as if she nearly begins to cry and it fits just perfectly to the scene in the movie...

aaah, i could go on for hours and write about this masterpiece of a song!
i hope you'll enjoy!

i just finished the fourth season of house M.D. 
and i labsolutely lóve it! 
tomorrow jacque will come and we will just spend a lovely day together, 
i guess <3 
and maybe i will visit kathi as well, 
because today she is coming back from a short trip with a friend 
and i'm really glad that she is back! i allready missed her alot! 
and friday felix, a really nice guy 
and i will go to berlin and just have fun! 

i really see forward to these next days! :)

Dienstag, 3. Juli 2012

i couldn't sleep tonight, so i decided to get up 
and watch the sunrise! 
i walked to the field which is closest to my home 
and  it was pretty foggy and just really lovely to see! 
And then a bit later the sun was coming up 
and it was just amazingly perfect! 
you should definitely do that one day :)

After that i went to our lake, which is called the nymphs lake 
and i think this is a very beautiful name! 
but the water was just too cold so i could not bring myself to jump in :p
 though it was great! 
i tried to let the stones jump 
but i failed miserable, but that's ok.

and now i'm back home and i guess, 
i will try to sleep
 and wish you a nice, nice day 
with alot of new adventures! <3

Montag, 2. Juli 2012

no need to do anything at all 
no need to hurry up

hope for the hopeless
help for the helpless

 pictures when i visited my father and my little siblings. 
it was really lovely and i wish i could see them everyday, 
because i just miss them every minute they are not with me!
their names are carl and rosa 
and the two are just the cutest things in the whole world, i think.
ouh, and i fell in love with the trampoline! 
it just makes such a fun to jump on it :)

Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

"To everyone in the world, who's left out on their own
To all the boys and girls with disconnected souls
See the dream awakening before your very eyes"

my room changed a bit since these photos were taken but it's okay.
 and i am finally happy with it. the colours are peaceful 
and lovely and it's still personally enough, i guess.

ouh, out there is a really big thunderstorm 
and i am abit scared because i wanted to take a bath, 
but you shoùldn't do that if there is a storm or not? 
i am abit confused.
whaah, it's really loud. 
i think, i just go to bed and try to sleep!

i cannot sleep.
i don't know what to do.
i could watch the millionth film today.
or read another book.
but i don't want to do thhhhat.