Mittwoch, 25. September 2013


finally i got the rome photos from jacqué!
i am only going to show you a few
otherwise it would be too much i guess :p

rome was, as can probably tell from the pictures, 
really beautiful and an amazing experience! 
actually the whole trip consisted of sunny weather,
 food, the beach, ice cream, old buildings, 
nice people, lovely door entrances, restaurants, markets, jacque, 
sunglasses, laughter and a thoroughly great mood.

our happy laughter have sirred through every night 
and i only got drunk once 
because i really didn't want to ruin everything for me!

a funny story lastly - we weren't allowed to get into the vatikan
because we wore short dresses
buuut that's not the funny part...
we were almost through the security part 
and actually we really thought
 we were allowed to go because we wore tights 
but suddenly a huuuuuge security man ran in our direction
 and started yelling at us in italian!
that was so weird 
and we just ran away laughing xd
it didn't bother us too much to be honest
there were enough sights left to visit!

i am always and only uttely and completely happy 
while i am on vacation.
the strange but nice people, 
the good weather (most of the time) and all the new experiences..
also you can just leave all your problems and concerns
 but also your everyday life behind 
and just focus on enjoying every moment to the fullest.

Dienstag, 24. September 2013

last week of school, friendliest friends!
and some random photos.


i am so looking forward to the holidays
the new schoolyear is just too exhausting.
i am going on vacation for one week and the other one i'll spend with my friends 
in particular with kathi 
which luckily now lives only 30 seconds away from my home :)

the handsome fellow on the third picture is my best friend felix!
now you finally get to know him, too.
he is a wonderful friend <3

Sonntag, 22. September 2013

it's late allready.
i've just got back from a nightout with some friends
we've drunk red wine and talked 
until we were tired of hearing our voices
and now i am home, looking like a mess 
but feeling quite satisfied.
i am going to snuggle myself up in some blankets, 
make myself a cup of hot tea and watch 'princess mononoke' because...
well, it's been a while.
then tommorrow will be my homework-day
eventhough i probably won't do any
and spend my day with drawing and reading instead.
but that'll be fine as well, i guess.


Samstag, 21. September 2013

'you have to make your life worth writing about.'

what a true thing to say.
i've always thought like this or better i imagined to see my life 
through the eyes of an author or a moviemaker.
how my life would look like if it's written down or played by actors.
so i wanted it to be  always funny 
and entertaining for the audience and never boring,
but now i've come to realise 
that the only audience i'll ever have 
and who'll ever see my complete life 
and everything i've done and gone through 
is myself. 
so i shouldn't bother if i have to do things 
that aren't fun or great to read. 
it's my life. 
and life in general is definitely not nice 
and great all the time. 
actually during the time i am on this earth the life has been pretty weird
and sometimes even bad. 
but that's okay.
 because there were also alot of amazing things which have happened.
 and eventhough in the end when everything is over 
i will be the only one to remember 
and care about these few times
 it'll be allright.

Mittwoch, 18. September 2013

 sleep tight, friends.
but never forget to wake up again.


yesterday evening we had the opening of our school art exhibtion 
for which we have worked three years.
it was quite amazing.
even if our pieces can't really compete with real 'art' 
or 'real' artists it was estonishing to see some of your own 
and your friend's workings hanging on the wall 
in a big mall with tons of people looking at it.
there actually called this opening a 'vernisage' 
which is just the french word for it and there was a band,
 a few drinks and a lot of people. it was really nice. 
but sadly i've forgot to make any photos
 that's why i have nothing to show you!

i am so tired. but i want to recommend you a tv show i've recently found!
 you may know the english reboot of sherlock holmes 
which is quite popular on tumblr. i like it, too, really...
but the main character or better 
the actor who plays holmes just isn't my taste.
not particulary his look but also his way of acting..
nah. annoys me somehow so i stopped watching that. 
but i've found 'elemantary' randomly while watching some youtube videos 
and i have to say that i am addicted. 
i like the fact that here watson is a woman and
..hohum, allright, you got me.
 the actor who is playing holmes is the same as in 'emma' :p

Dienstag, 17. September 2013

i just got a free period and i guess i will use it to take a quick walk through the forest with my music because the weather is still lovely even though autumn is on its way.

you know what i also adore about autumn?
the geeses that migrate to the south. 
it's just so lovely to see them flying over your head, to hear their wings flap and their croaking...naah, ilikeit! 
and i mean when you think about it'S really interesting..
there are doing this every year again and again 
to let the coming cold and the snow behind 
and to search for some warmth in other countries. 
it's kind of like holidays.
i imagine that to be quite peaceful. 
if you don't want to stay where you are right now 
you can just fly away and change everything.
what a dream.

Montag, 16. September 2013


some photo's from when i've visited my brother daniel a few month ago.
i know it's been a while 
but i just wanted to show them anyways!
and actually he's the one on the first photo - 
so i guess welcome on my blog, dearest brother xd


Sonntag, 15. September 2013

"At times like this, I wish I were a sailor.
And could travel far away to hidden lands.
With the sea below and the sky above,
The horizon the only thing to love
and anchors tattooed on my chest and hands. 

What I'd give to be the one who's always leaving.
Instead of being the one that's always left.
To feel wanderlust instead of love,
'Cause surely that would be enough
To take me away from this entire fucking mess.

Admittedly I got myself in to this.
But now all I really want is to get out.
To be the person that I was before
Who looked around herself and saw
A world a little wider than the one to which she was bound." 

'i've believe i've seen hell and it's white,it's snow-white.'


Samstag, 14. September 2013

today a friend of me and i were in the woods, searching for mushrooms.
yess, it's this time of the year again and i can't waitt for all the big sweater, pumpkins, halloween, stocking, cozy socks, hot cacao and tea, long nights and colourful leaves and trees!

ahh, autumn is besides spring really my favourite season of the year.
winter is great as well because of the snow and christmas, but summer..naah, just not my thing. i got a really, really bad sunburn in rome and i am still kind of red which isn't quite the souvenir you want to bring home from a great holiday :p


and here you go, lovely people! 
my 'new' chambre!