Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

excused my lack of posts, but i was just truly too happy
 to spend my time on the computer!
i hope you all had a lovelylovely christmas and shared love
 and spend time with your beloved ones.
because i did! my mother, my older brothers and i spend the christmas eve together!
we played funny board games, exchanged our presents and around 10 pm we went to the church even though we aren't religious at all. i don't know why we are doing this every year again, but it's just good to know that some people are believing and at the end we get these tiny little candles and with them we can bring the light in the world when we leave the church!

Freitag, 7. Dezember 2012

when i painted it, everything was summery and warm outside.
now the picture and the nature are in conclusion and look almost the same.
and i like it.
 i adore it. 
snow, and to walk around on a snowy day, with the quit noise 
of the creacking frozen water under your thick boots
and wearing the warmest and biggest things in your closet 
are the best things in the world.
at least for me.
i drink a huuuuge amount of tea every day 
and burn alot of candles these days
and it makes me feeling warm in and outside!
everything is so comfy and cozy!