Freitag, 29. Juni 2012

                      some of the things i bought..

now i've watched the the first and the second narnia movie 
and i kinda liked them. 
but they just changed so much of the second part,
 that it was a really new adventure :p
oh and here! i think it's one of my favourite songs all time!
 naah, maybe not, but it's really great though!

i think i will post some pictures of my room the next days.
it isn't ready yet, 
but i am just happy how it looks right now! 

lots of hugggs!


Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

now i'm reading the fourth book and i like it, 
but it just really bugs me that the books are so short!
i mean, there is so much unwritten and unexplained, 
naaah. idon't know.

i ordered some things online and they arrived today!
i'm so excited to wear all of these lovely things in public.
maybe i will show them later.

so now, narnia i'm comingggg!

                         it's okay how it is, i guess.

Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

maaah, i'm so tired, but i just want to write this, hahah :)
today i was at the hairdresser with kathi, a really nice girrrrl,
 and i was really excited 
because she wants do have her hair different 
and i just like changes!
but in the end, she hates the new cut 
(but actually it does not look that different) 
and hairdressers, too :p i think, it looks quite good,
 but she ist so pretty and wonderful,
 that everything looks good on her, i guess.
but it was a nice day.
 we talked, laughed alot and i gave her a make over, which was really fun.

now my bed calls for me 
and i want to read my book. 
it's the third part of the narnia series
 and i really, really like it :)

oh, and i really like this designthing, which i have now. 
it's quite simple, but it looks just so nice and innocent, 
that i want to keep it, 
although alot of other people will probably have it as well,
 but i guess, that doesn't really matter!

lots of hugssss!

Montag, 25. Juni 2012

 oouh, i had an idea!
i will just post pictures of my life...naah, not just pictures. maybe also poems, songs i like, and yees, just things, that going on in my head and what i do the whole day.

i hope that's allright and that it'll be fun!

i want to start blogging, but i'm not really sure, what i want to put on here.
and i am sorry for my english, but i hope you'll understand me.

so, i think, thats it for now.

lots of hugs!