Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2013

 i reread 'tfios' again
and i sobbed like a baby again and again and again.
my mama actually got it for me for nikolaus
which was on the 6th of december.

i hadn't had school this day
because there was such a huge storm
that the school decided to not let the pupils come to school.
which was amazing.
i went to the movies with my mama 
and watched 'catching fire' for another time 
because she hadn't seen it yet.
and it was also as utterly suspenseful as the first time.
which kind of made me realize that repetition is nothing bad.
and actually life is most of the time just a repetion of things, experiences, people.
but that really isn't something to worry about..
because in the end the marks humans leave are too often scars anyways, right?
and i like my choices.



Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2013

weekend's almost overrrr, friends!
and i can tell you it was a great one.
both of my brothers came over, we went out for dinner together yesterday 
and my oldest brother daniel had some exciting news
he is going to visit new zealand for four weeks in february 
and do some work and travel there,
 meet friends and he and his friends even make 
a short stop in tokyo, japan!
isn't that so amazing?
i know, i am jelly as hell, too xd
but at the same time i am so happy for him as well!

oh and ofcourse!
i wish all of you a lovely, lovely first advent!
(with rather unchristmassy photos xd)