Montag, 14. Oktober 2013

some random pictures of my room and some selfietime..
hope you don't mind :p


so school started again today
and it was allright
though i'd like to point out that math really is torture.
at least for people like mé!

my mama's birthday party was lovely,
both of my brothers were there as well
and we were weird together
which is always great xd

Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013

i am not sure if i allready told you about it
but one of my favourite books was made
into a film just recently!
it 'the fault in our stars' by john green 
(whom you probably know already :p)
 and i am so eycited!
they just finished the filming 
and it'll be in the cinema next june!
hohumn, aren't that great news?

a while ago i've decided that 
it'd be a nice idea to reread the whole harry potter books again 
but this time in english
and i am actually on it right now!
at the moment i am nearly finished 
with the fifth novel 'the order of the phoenix' 
and i have to say that i love the books even more in english. 
it's just more natural and fun to read!
and actually really easy 
so even if you aren't a native speaker 
(just like me :p)
 you should give it a try nevertheless!

Freitag, 11. Oktober 2013

"I was born in the arms 
of imaginary friends
Free to roam, made a home out of
everywhere I've been."

Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2013

i thought i'd show you some pictures of my outfit
which i wore yesterday
it's incredible comfyyy and autumny!

khaki scarf - h&m
denim jacket - forever21
pullover - c&a
skirt - brandy mellville
shoes - deichmann
necklace - primark

Mittwoch, 9. Oktober 2013


my lovely little sister is a cutie pie, isn't she?
i adore her to death!
tomorrow i am going to see her and my little brother carl again
because i'll spend a night at my father's home in potsdam
he just turned 50 a week ago and we will celebrate a little!

and on sunday my mama will turn 50 as well! 
yayy! she'll have a huuuge party with all of her friends and our family
 and it's gonna be great!

and then school will start again on monday 
and i haven't got a clue about anything 
because i haven't even started with my homework
but okay then 
at least i am going to see all my friends again!

Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013


oh dear, what a rough week!
but now everything feels like holidays 
and i can spend my day with all the things 
and all the people i love!

i just said my mama goodbye
because she is going to a sweet little village 
all by herself for a week
at first i wanted to join her 
but there is just so muchhh homework for me to do
that sadly i had to stay home and enjoy the days here instead.
and actually that'll be fine as well

yesterday kathi and two other friends stood in front of my door
all of a sudden and we've spend a réallyyy lovely evening together!
and later today i'll visit a fleamarket with my dearest kathi again 
and i hope we'll find some treasures!