Freitag, 31. Januar 2014

i am taking the train in an hour 
and visit my lovely brother daniel in greifwald
 for a few days
because we have holidays now!
for a whole week
and there is so much to do.
but first i will enjoy these moments with him
and worry later.
i also got my school report today.
and well, in all honesty it isn't as bad 
as i thought it'd be
which makes me kind of happy 
and a lot more excited for the next semester 
which is right around the corner.
and though it's not that much school time left for me
i just can't imagine me doing something else
 than going to school everyday. 
it feels like a lifetime which i spent there.
weird. and i don't even know if it was a good time or not.
even weirder.


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