Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2014

i am going to show a few pictures 
of our christmas tree in a few seconds, i promise!
but first this random post 
to bring you up to date with everything :p
i've been living quite a boringly ordinary life 
these past weeks to be honest.
and looked the way i looked in the photos above 
while living it for that matter.
and it was okay.
but i am slowly, just slowly getting tired of it. 
waking up every morning with nothing to look forward to, 
nothing special planned. it is really making me tired. 
not in a sleepy 
but in a bad way. really bad.
so i am willing to change that. 
i really do. i don't know i will and can succeed with this resolution 
but i'll try my best.
just to let you know, i suppose.

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