Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2014

alrighty folks. it's been decades since i've posted on here,
 i am aware of that.
but i am with no means sorry 
because i spend my time focusing on me, myself and i
 which was a rarity before.
 i've had a lot of fun and quite a few new experiences, 
found my place in school, worked twice a week
 and earned some good money, booked some trips for the summer 
and realised a couple of things about life 
and the world. which is always good because maturing, know.

i am currently in my exams period again which sucks,
 to be quite frankly. 
but it'll pass again. 
and then it's finally summer time with all its beauty and benefits.
 you can't imagine how much i look forward to it.
 all the freetime, all the adventures i'll have with my beloved friends
 and even while making new ones.

i hope everyone had a great time the past two months 
while i was absent and lovely eastern!
here is my belated easter gift for you outhere
 who enjoy great music - you don't even have to search for it :)

- eggsies -

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